The red color of the kitchen in the style of Hi-Tech.

The kitchen in the style of Hi-Tech For Hi-Tech style is characterized by clean lines and metal elements.
Hi-Tech style is not inherent in rich detail and variety of lines, its distinctive feature - the rigor.
A characteristic feature of the corner kitchen in the style of Hi-Tech Giugiaro Design is the use of the metal in the glossy red facades.
Countertop and wall panels made of ...
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Decorate a radiator.

Designer radiator Having spent a lot of effort to develop a design project kitchen, achieving near-perfect harmony design of walls, floor, ceiling with kitchen unit, we suddenly realize that our brand new radiator well, does not fit into the chosen design.
Of course, today's radiators have a much better design than the traditional "iron pots," a holdover from the Soviet era. At the same time, frequently, and it is pretty modern aluminum and bimetal radiators can not be fit into the kitchen executed, say, in style Hi-Tech, or ...
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Choosing a washing machine ... the kitchen.

Washing machine in the kitchen interior Unfortunately, not everyone can boast that it is possible to install a washing machine in a separate room (home room), in the basement, or even in the bathroom. The reality is that it is often necessary to search for a place in the washing machine in the kitchen, and in the corridor, and even on the balcony or loggia.
From these locations, most often preferred cuisine. The main reason for such a decision - a decision on the relative simplicity of connecting the machine to the water and sanitation. To say that the proximity of food and detergents ...

Choose the height of the table in the kitchen.

Desktop height Have you ever - convenient if you work in the kitchen?
Surely if your height 180cm and with the growth of your best friend, 160cm height desks should be the same?
Unfortunately, we are used to all this was seen as inevitable.
Really like something, but will adapt!
In vain! ...

Hooking up with his hands.

Dishwasher At last! And decided and have already bought! Here she is at home: dishwasher.
Not much left - to connect.
Of course, the simple connection of the dishwasher, which each handle yourself, the small portable machines. For this type dishwashers simply connect it to the tap with cold water, and drain hose to the sink and drop all connected dishwasher ready. After use, you can remove the dishwasher to storage - it is very convenient if you have little space in the kitchen.
What to do if you bought a stationary dishwasher? Master or cause to take up the matter itself? ...

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